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Mega Master 206ts Cylinder


  • LASERMIX 690 is a laser resonator gas used to produce laser light in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers.
  • The purity of laser resonator gas from BOC is extremely high to avoid contamination of laser components and impaired laser performance.
  • Supply Mode: Cylinder
  • Outlet Connection: AS 2473 Type 30 Industry: Industrial
  • Grade: Laser Grade
  • Type of Gas: Industrial Laser Gas mixtures
  • Gauge Pressure: 15000kPa
  • Gas Code: 147
  • Gas Properties: Non-flammable, non-toxic gas Impurities: H2O less than 5ppm, THC less than 1ppm.
  • Application: Laser Gas
  • Gas Composition: 65% He, 19% N2, 6% CO, 4% CO2, 3% O2, 3% Xe