Buyisela Civils Mart based in Cape Town South Africa is an Importer of Select Generators, Gas Cylinders and Water Pumps from Australia.

Gynol 500ts Cylinder


  • LPG is an energy source that can be easily stored and transported in containers. It is a transportation fuel that is cleaner and cheaper than Petrol.
  • LPG can be composed of a mixture of hydrocarbons predominantly Propane.
  • Heating, Drying and Cutting Fuel
  • Commonly used for space heating
  • Supplied in a Liquid Withdrawal Cylinder
  • Supply Mode: Cylinder Industry: Industrial Grade: Industrial Grade
  • Outlet Connection: POL
  • Type of Gas: Handigas
  • Gauge Pressure: 700kPa
  • Brand: Handigas® LPG
  • Gas Code: 110
  • Gas Properties: Fish-like smell. Will ignite and burn instantly from a spark or piece of hot metal. Impurities:
  • Less than 10% Other Hydrocarbons Application:
  • Fuel Gas Gas Composition: LPG .